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I ate your dog... i ate his little nose and i ate it when he barks...

Journal of Funky Monk

Rated "R" for retarded
31 March 1987
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mini-bio, ay?

after finishing school, after 12 years of pointlessness (kindergarden being the only good year- yay for finger painting), i have started a course in 3d animation which kicks some serious ass... arse...

erm... what else? i play guitar... no wait, correction, i attempt to play guitar... but am a very lazy person so... i still suck balls after... 1yr, 2yrs?

i also like sharp things and fire... i have a dislike for much of society- but who doesn't?

love firefly.

"take my love, take my land
take me where i cannot stand,
i don't care, i'm still free,
you can't take the skies from me.

take me out, to the black,
tell 'em i ain't commin' back,
burn the land & boil the seas,
you can't take the skies from me.

there's no place, i can be,
since i found serenity,
you can't take the sky from me"

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